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Date: Wednesday, September 6th, 2012

Forecast: Rainy

In the fall of 2012, Feliciano Vargas is sent from Italy to American Suburbia with his older brother, Lovino, to improve their English skills. Shortly after arrival, their uncle enrolls the brothers in the well-known Raider-Waite International School. While trying to balance all the new factors of life in America, Feliciano is thrown into the unusual circumstances surrounding the murder of what would have been his classmate--and realizing how strong he can be, not just on his own, but with friends on his side.

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Teastick and I had a long talk last night, and we decided this was the best course of action in the future. The recent Anon I received made me think some things over: whether my dedication to Personatalia was genuine, where the story was going, and in all honesty, if this project was worth it. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t. Personatalia will not be updating in the foreseeable future.

Will we return to the project in the future? It’s unlikely. It’s given myself and Teastick some serious burnout in several respects, and our lives are going to become more busy in the future. 

Because of that, we’d like to open up one of our google docs to you as thanks. It has the ending for Personatalia, along with the true ending. If there’s enough interest, we’ll open up the rest of the docs in the future: the planned social links, timelines, concept art, etc. 

Here’s the ending document. 

Thanks for the support, 
Appingo & Teastick 

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First Crisis - September 6th, 2012: After School o1

> You hurry down to the lobby after school and look through the crowd of students for either Liz’s or Gil’s face. Most of the students appear to be staying there until the last possible moment, dreading facing the rain. On your tiptoes, you spot Gilbert and Liz talking to a blonde boy wearing what was a relatively poofy brown jacket.

“There you are, Vargas,” Gilbert noticed Feliciano first out of the three, and the blonde’s attention was quick to focus on the Italian. “Liz was starting to get worried.”

“I wasn’t,” Liz sighed. “Anyways, Feli, this is Alfred Jones. Do you know him?”

Feliciano stared at Alfred for a second, but the blonde was quick to shake Feliciano’s hand. “Heard a fair bit about you from Kiku, man. Any friend of my Japanese bro is a friend of mine.”

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First Crisis - September 6th, 2012: Lunch

> Lunch rolls around and you are quickly found by Liz outside your homeroom, whose hair seems to be rather perfect in contrast to how it was earlier this morning. With a cheerful smile and chattery nature, you and her wander through the school in search of Gilbert.

“Did you see him this morning?” Liz asked in annoyance, as she leaned over to look down another stairwell.

“He peeked in during homeroom,” Feliciano said to her, as Liz bounced back up with a sigh, then looked out the stairwell window towards the constantly pounding rain.

“I swear to god, if he’s in the overflow building, I’m going to murder him,” Liz said. “I don’t want to go out in the rain again.”

> You and Liz search through the school hallways a bit more, and scan the cafeteria. As you continue your search, you find the need to ask a question that’s been hovering in the back of your mind.

“Liz?” Feliciano asked, as Liz thrust open the door into a classroom and looked inside. “Do you know why Ludwig wouldn’t be here today?”

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First Crisis - September 6th, 2012: Morning

> Lovino, during the morning, is frustrated towards your general grogginess. To him, you had slept over twelve hours, after all, so you have no excuse to be tired. You wish you could tell him about the midnight channel, and how your seemed to have fallen through the TV, but you aren’t 100% sure if you hallucinated the whole experience or not.

> The rain is still pouring as you and Lovino head to school. Uncle Constanzo spends nearly ten minutes digging around various nooks and crannies before he finds a pair of umbrellas he shoves into your hands as you’re hurrying out the door.

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First Crisis - September 5th, 2012: Midnight

> Rain is still pounding against the window as you push yourself up from your bed. You sense Lovino’s warmth next to you, and thunder claps outside as your eyes adjust to the inside of your room. On Lovino’s desk sits a digital clock, which is blinking 11:56 pm in the darkness.

> Just in time.

Gingerly, Feliciano put on his slippers as he slid out of bed and lightning clattered outside once more. Lovino muttered in his sleep in a mixture of English and Italian, and rolled over to take over the majority of space Feliciano had been in a moment before. Though the rain and thunder outside probably covered most noise, Feliciano was careful to open the door quietly and slip out without a sound.

> Uncle Constanzo’s apartment is almost frightening at night time, with little light provided to wander through the halls and down the stairwell. Eventually, you make it though, and sit yourself down on the couch across from the TV as the clock on the wall ticks away and the rain doesn’t cease outside.

With a quick glance towards the clock, Feliciano noted it was 11:58. He quietly counted each tick of the clock, as time passed into 11:59.

> Five seconds, four seconds, three seconds, two seconds, one second…

> It is now midnight.

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First Crisis - September 5th, 2012: Daytime

> Ominous rainclouds overhead threaten your way home with Lovino, and you both duck through the doorway as thunder claps and rain starts to pour. Your uncle, after some quick exploring, is found in his studio, hard at work.

> Lovino, intent on becoming a couch potato in America, sits himself down on the couch and begins to flip through the channels. Remembering your promise to Liz about checking out the Midnight Channel tonight, you decide to head upstairs and take a nap so you won’t be so tired later.

> As you drift off into sleep, your vision adjusts, and a starry sky appears over your head…

"Ah," a vaguely familiar voice spoke, and the owner clapped his hands together in pleasure. "Feliciano! How nice for you to join us again."

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First Crisis - September 5th, 2012: Lunch

> Somehow, during the morning, the truth of Gilbert’s father showing up at school and its supposed relation to Liesel Zwingli’s death spreads like wildfire. However, you are quick to find contradicting reports, including those of Gilbert being arrested or not arrested, and Fritz’s alleged involvement in the case. It’s all too confusing for you to handle, and when it comes time for lunch, you’re grateful and hopeful that you’ll be able to spend it with Ludi.

> Partially because you wish to get your facts straight, but mostly because you’d just like to spend lunch with him.

> After you corner him as the lunch bell rings, however, he insists that he’s fine and he has other things to worry about. With disappointment, you think of asking to eat with Kiku, but you are unable to catch him before he slips out of homeroom.

With that, Feliciano wandered out into the hallway in search of someone to share his lunch with. The hallways were fairly empty, as most of the students had hurried downstairs to the cafeteria. His mind worriedly wandered towards the rumors that had been spreading ever since homeroom earlier in the day, and Gilbert’s warning to not always believe rumors…

> Was Gilbert’s advice genuine, or did he know what was coming?

"Yo, what’s in the sack?"

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First Crisis - September 5th, 2012: Morning

> As it is Wednesday, you already find yourself looking forward to the weekend. Most of your homeroom classmates seem to agree, as the room if filled with chatter over trips to the city, going to see a movie, or various other activities and the debatable weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday.

> A rather feminine boy sitting across from you named Feliks appears to have warmed up to you, and is discussing his weekend plans to go clothes shopping.

“Already like, so cold this year,” Feliks told Feliciano with a dramatic sigh. “It usually isn’t.”

“Really?” Feliciano blinked, glancing outside at the cloudy weather. He remembered a mist had covered the town when he had woken up this morning, but only temporarily. “My uncle hasn’t said anything…”

“Well, it’s like, totally weird,” Feliks sighed again, seeming disappointed at the rather dreary weather. “Everyone’s like, already wearing their jackets…that totally usually doesn’t happen until October…”

Anxiously, Feliciano adjusted the sleeves on his uniform jacket as the door into the classroom flew open. The chatty uproar ceased, as none other than Gilbert Beilschmidt strode through the desk rows up towards Fritz’s desk. Fritz was absentmindedly grading papers, though Feliciano had noted his homeroom teacher appeared to be unusually tired. When he looked up to see who was standing at the front of his desk, however, a weak smile appeared on Fritz’s face.

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ooc; News Post for March 3rd, 2012

Just going to make this quick. 

As of now, Personatalia has been updated on an almost-daily basis, with a couple of exceptions. That is going to be changing in the near future—Teastick, the artist, has started up school again. This limits her time that can be devoted for Personatalia quite a bit, understandably. Meanwhile, this will be giving myself as the writer more time to write updates in the future, so hopefully we can create a backlog of sorts.

Updates we’ll try to keep a couple times of week, but sometimes, things happen, so they could be less. If you’re behind, this’ll be a great chance to catch up! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend. 

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First Crisis - September 4th, 2012: Evening

> When you arrive home, you find the house to be empty. No Lovino, no Uncle Constanzo: there’s a quickly written note on the coffee table, informing you that your uncle had gone out for a colleague’s gallery opening, but other than that, you are met with silence.

> This seems like a good enough time to fix dinner, and maybe some lunch for tomorrow!
> Your Knowledge has increased!
> However, you’re still pretty much a Ditz.

> As you’re fixing dinner, Lovino comes home mumbling to himself about stupid Spaniards or something similar. You don’t quite catch it, and doesn’t seem to be willing to discuss it. He shoves his face full of junk food while watching TV on the couch, and after you have eaten dinner, you sit on the couch with him to watch the game show he’s quickly become fond of.

> Eventually, it does get late, and you and Lovino head to bed.

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